Peter Nielsen Teaches Passion and Active Living Through Tennis

It’s been tough for this generation to stay active: they’ve been born into a world of game consoles, iPads, and information at the stroke of a key via the Internet. Schools are cutting back on gym courses and teaching an active lifestyle is fast becoming foreign. This is not an assault on technology; technology is what’s allowing you to read this message right now and has helped connect and unite the world like never before. But our youth need to (literally) exercise their passions away from the computer or gaming screen and live full, healthy lives.

As the director of Bayview Village Tennis Camp, former pro Peter Nielsen is giving back to the sport that has been such an intricate part of his life. That’s why he’s built a foundation for teaching young girls and boys, beginning from the age of five, how to play tennis the right way. For 15 of those years, the Bayview Village Tennis Camp has been awarded the Ontario Tennis Association Junior Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Nielsen is truly committed to promoting a more healthy and active lifestyle and encouraging kids to follow their passion through tennis. Through Bayview Village Tennis Camp, he runs special tennis training day programs during March Break, P.A. days, and holidays and has annual summer camps on top of his year-round programs. He also coaches the national and provincial junior team champions.

Being this involved with the development of kids is a major responsibility. Nielsen has not only taken on that responsibility, but has created a culture and a community of support that starts with him and is entrenched in all of the young people that step on to the tennis court.

Through extracurricular activity, Nielsen has been able to inspire hundreds of youths, both boys and girls, to find and pursue their passion. Bayview Village Tennis Camp represents all skill levels, whether competitive or recreational, and provides an outlet to the sedentary life that’s becoming far too commonplace with young people today.

Nielsen is a National Senior Tennis Champion himself, so his knowledge and experience is invaluable. His tennis training lessons are always sold out, and he and his staff know how to implement techniques to raise the quality of performance of the kids that take part in the camps or lessons. He also realizes that some kids really just enjoy playing tennis on a casual level and don’t intend to pursue it professionally. If this is your child, you’ll be glad to know that there is no difference in attention given to these kids and they are more than welcome to enjoy Nielsen’s expertise.

Joining Bayview Village Tennis Camp is simple; we welcome all children of any skill level from the ages of five to 18. Peter Nielsen and the rest of the staff are passionate about what they do and are all intent on providing the most enjoyable athletic experience.

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Peter Nielsen

Peter Nielsen, a certified O.T.A Level III coach, has successfully worked with juniors at all levels of the game, from grass roots to the international level. A National Senior Champion himself, Peter was employed as a National Coach by Tennis Canada, as the Head Coach of the Central Region High Performance Program. Peter currently ranks 321st in the world for Men 50 and over.