Junior Tennis Lessons Toronto

Tennis Lesson and Instruction Programs

At Bayview Village Tennis Club, we provide the best tennis lessons for children in the Greater Toronto Area, regardless of the skill level they are at. We have a  tennis program for kids just learning how to play the game right up to children at the intermediate level looking to improve on the skills they already have.

Our tennis lessons and instruction programs teach kids everything they need to know about the sport. Our tennis lessons for beginners and intermediate-level players are taught by National Champion and former coach of the national and provincial teams, Peter Nielsen. With an instructor of that calibre teaching our tennis program for kids, you know that they will receive the best tennis lessons in the GTA.

Nielsen’s tennis lessons for beginners teaches kids the basics of the sport, while his tennis lessons for intermediate-level players improves on the skills they already have and teaches them tips that will help them to triumph over their opponents. Our tennis program for kids teaches them the necessary skills they need to become the next superstar tennis player.

Our tennis lessons for beginner- and intermediate-level players feature small class sizes, so your child will receive the attention they need to become an amazing tennis player.

Tennis Lessons for Beginner and Intermediate Students

During his 20+ years with Bayview Village Tennis Club, Nielsen has provided tennis lessons for students at all levels of skill. Our beginner tennis program for kids teaches them the basics, such as the proper grip, how to serve, and the different types of strokes, backhand and forehand.

Our tennis program for kids at the beginner level also teaches them structure of tennis matches and the rules that accompany them. We also instruct students on the special rules that may apply to matches in our tennis level for beginner-level players.

If your child is already a tennis player, our tennis lessons for intermediate-level players are ideally suited to them. Nielsen’s tennis program for kids at the intermediate level adds to the skills they have already developed by teaching them skills that will greatly improve their game.

Our tennis lessons for beginner-level players teach the basics, and when you sign your child up for tennis lessons for intermediate-level players, they will acquire the skills they need to greatly improve their game. Bayview Village Tennis Club’s tennis program for kids provides tips and pointers your aspiring Milos Raonic or Serena Williams needs to be victorious on the court.