Tennis Classes in North York

How to Play Tennis

Tennis remains one of the most popular sports in the world, with superstar players such as the Williams sisters and Canada’s own Milos Raonic. Bayview Village Tennis Club offers tennis classes in North York for kids of all levels. And who knows, with the tennis tips our team of instructors provide, your child could become the next Andre Agassi or Maria Sharpova!

We offer tennis training camps for children at both the beginner and intermediate stages; we will provide them with tennis training suited to their level of skill. For beginner students in our tennis classes in North York, we will teach them the basics and gradually work from there, while students at the intermediate level will receive tennis tips to improve their game, such as the proper speed to put behind their swings and how fast they should move while on the court.

At our tennis training camps, the small class size means that your child will receive the best tennis training from Peter Nielsen, a National Champion himself. Bringing the skills that made him a champ to our tennis classes in North York, Nielsen has over 22 years of experience, making him the ideal source for tennis tips for your aspiring pro tennis player.

Tips for Beginner and Intermediate Students

Regardless of your child’s level of tennis training, they can always use tennis tips to improve their game. Beginner students at our tennis classes in North York will start out learning the basics and gradually increase their skill. The tennis tips we provide, such as the different shots, will serve your aspiring tennis star well on the court. And as an added bonus, tennis training camps provide an excellent way for kids to keep active.

For intermediate students, we provide tennis training that builds on the skills they already have. Nielsen and the other instructors at our tennis camp in North York will look at the skills your child has learned and offer the best tennis tips on how to further improve their game.

As part of our tennis training across all levels, we give a variety of tips on how best to score and anticipate the opponent’s next move. When you register your child for tennis classes in North York at Bayview Village Tennis Club, they will acquire all the skills they need to be the next champ!