Tennis Camp FAQs

1. How long has Bayview Village Tennis Camp been around?

We have been running our tennis camp in Toronto since 1990.

2. I am new to Bayview Village Tennis Camp and/or new to tennis, will my child be able to find partners to play with?

Yes, we have programs during the spring, summer, and fall for students at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. When you register your child at our Toronto tennis camp, they will be placed in a group with students at their level, so you child can grow and develop their skills at a pace they are comfortable with. After the first few classes, you will be surprised at how easy it is to learn, and how skilled your child already is!

3. Do I or my child need to be a member to take lessons?

You must pay a membership fee before registering for any junior programs, however, parents do not need to be members for their children to play at our club. If you want to take adult classes, or participate in group programs, a membership is required.

4. What does my child require for tennis?

To play tennis, your child must wear proper sports attire and footwear. Shoes should be comfortable, and they should wear sunscreen and a hat or visor when it is sunny. Bringing a personal water bottle will help your child stay hydrated, however, we have a drinking fountains and beverages for sale. If you need tennis balls, we can sell them to you at the front desk. Your child can bring their own racket, or you can speak to our staff about which kind of racket is best for them.

5. What happens if it rains?

If you are unsure if a lesson is still on due to rain, give us a call. Our staff will inform you of current playing conditions, lesson updates, and alternative arrangements. If you cannot reach a staff member, our answering machine will inform you of all you need to know that day.

6. Can my child get private or group lessons?

Yes, we provide both options. Our staff can assess your needs in person after you book an appointment with our office and set your child up with the appropriate classes.

7. How much is membership?

Membership fees vary depending on the program season you register for. Our spring junior session is coming up soon, and the cost is between $210 and $270.

8. What does membership include?

We offer several membership packages, which may include participation in classes, social round robins, house leagues, and tournaments.

9. What is the student to instructor ratio?

Our ratios depend on the experience level of each class. Beginner and intermediate students will participate at a 6:1 student to instructor ratio while advanced and tournament level players will practice at a 4:1 one student to instructor ratio.

10. What are the qualifications of your tennis instructors?

All of our program content at Bayview Village is implemented by Tennis Canada-certified tennis professionals.

11. When can I register my child for the junior tennis camp?

Registration is already open for the junior spring tennis program! The program runs from Monday, April 30 to Friday, June 22. If you miss this time to register, we also have a summer and fall program.

12. Are you a member of the Ontario Tennis Association and Tennis Toronto?

Yes, we employ professionally trained and qualitied instructors, all of whom are certified by one or both of those memberships.

13. Can my child be in the same group as his/her friend or sibling?

We will do our best to accommodate all group requests. Upon registration, you may request your child to be in the same class as his/her friend or sibling, if they are also within the same age and skill group. If there is enough room in the class at the time of your registration, we may be able to arrange this situation for you. Speak with one of our registration staff for details on how we fill our classes.

14. Do you offer lunch, extended hours, or bus service? Before and after camp care?

Our campers can take two water and snack breaks daily, as well as an hour lunch break around noon. Our staff work hard to make sure all campers are adequately hydrated and fueled for their games, and that they get enough time to cool down and relax. On hotter days, we make sure our campers take extra breaks for water and cooling down and may even arrange indoor programming to prevent overheating. Parents should pack lunches for their children and ensure they have enough water or sports drinks for the day.

Support Your Child’s Development at Our Summer Tennis Camp

At our tennis camps in North York and Toronto, your child can make new friends and learn from trained instructors while developing into talented and skilled tennis players. Our Tennis Canada-certified instructors work to teach kids not only how to have fun with tennis, but also how to play smart and safe. More information about Bayview Village Tennis Camp’s junior, intermediate, and advanced tennis lessons in Toronto can be found by calling us at (905) 889-7293 or e-mailing