Skill Training at Bayview Village Tennis Camp

Bayview Village Tennis Camp is a camp with a lot of diversity. We accommodate all ages and all skill levels of young people that truly enjoy playing the sport and want everyone that joins our community to have a fun time and learn some things along the way.

We also have exceptional talents who show potential for being more than just recreational players. These players are more engaged and take an approach of furthering their careers through tennis when they enter our camps. And although we offer skill training for all levels of players, some are more geared to advance levels of preparation.

Bayview Village Tennis Camp will break down each stroke and the proper techniques to ensure the most power and accuracy. Below are just a few of the techniques players will learn when they attend our informative camp.

The forehand is typically the most used stroke in tennis and requires precise technique to gather the most power. The key to a successful forehand is to use all muscles when hitting the ball. Players need to move from the legs to the hips, then shoulder, arm and wrist.

Learning a one-handed backhand stroke can be difficult to master, but once conquered, it can be an effective defensive tool and, for some of the best players, even an offensive weapon. The key is to get out in front of the ball and make contact before it reaches your side. Most of the weight should be on your front foot and, again, uses your entire body to get the most power out of the shot.

Serving is probably the most important shot to perfect in tennis. It’s the only shot in which you have complete control of how, when, and where you hit the ball. Taking your time to think about placement is key; there’s absolutely no rush. And the better you become at serving, the harder you are to beat.

We teach all types of shots as part of all of our camps here at Bayview Village Tennis Camp. From volleying to smashes and drop shots, we give all of our campers a comprehensive experience that’s both fun and instructional. Our summer camps run from June through to August and usually fill up quickly. With former pro Peter Nielsen as director, you can be sure your child will get the absolute best training and preparation of any tennis camp in the GTA.


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Peter Nielsen

Peter Nielsen, a certified O.T.A Level III coach, has successfully worked with juniors at all levels of the game, from grass roots to the international level. A National Senior Champion himself, Peter was employed as a National Coach by Tennis Canada, as the Head Coach of the Central Region High Performance Program. Peter currently ranks 321st in the world for Men 50 and over.