Bayview Village Tennis Camp, One of the Greater Toronto Area’s Leading Tennis Clubs, Lists Top 3 Tennis Racquets

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB), May 12, 2014 – Bayview Village Tennis Camp, (, the Greater Toronto Area’s leading provider of first-class tennis camps and clinics for players of all ages and skill levels, is providing a list of the top three tennis racquets this year used by three of the top 10 players in tennis today.

“Once getting to this level of tennis racquets, the differences become subtle and typically come down to preference,” says Peter Nielsen, director of Bayview Village Tennis Camp. “However, each racquet has discerning characteristics that make them unique.”

David Ferrer, the fifth-ranked player in the world, is the only player in the top 10 to use a Prince brand racquet, wielding the Tour 100 model. According to Nielsen, this racquet is designed for all court players, with its focus being on precision rather than power. (Source: Gandu, G.S., “The Racquets Used By The 10 Best Men’s Singles Tennis Players Today,”, January 21, 2014;

“Another popular racquet is the Head Youtek racquet, used by number-two-ranked Novak Djokovic, with a number of the other players in the top 10 using a variation of it,” Nielsen explains. “Djokovic uses the Graphene Speed Pro model, which is great for players with flat strokes. This model is considered possibly the best of the Head brand.”

The Babolat AeroPro Drive is the racquet used by the top- ranked player in the world, Rafael Nadal, whose ranking has caused many young players to follow suite by using the same racquet. According to Nielsen, it’s a racquet perfectly suited to his game, which features heavy top strokes and whipping features—a fast-paced racquet for a fast-paced player. (Source: “Official Men’s Tennis Rankings,” ATP World Tour web site;, last accessed May 9, 2014.)

“But while choosing a quality racquet is important, a match will ultimately come down to a difference in the players’ skills,” Nielsen concludes. “At Bayview Village Tennis Camp, we teach both casual players and aspiring pros the skills needed to make the most of these and other quality racquets.”

Bayview Village Tennis Camp ( provides first-class tennis camps and clinics for players of all ages and skill levels. Club director Peter Nielsen, a National Senior Champion and former member of the national coaching team for Tennis Canada, has successfully worked with juniors at all levels of the game, from grassroots to international. Beginner and intermediate students will learn at a six-to-one student-to-instructor ratio, while advanced and tournament players practice at a four-to-one student-to-instructor ratio. All program content at Bayview Village Tennis Camp is implemented by Tennis Canada-certified tennis professionals. In addition to summer camps, Nielsen and the Bayview Village Tennis Camp Assistant Pros are also available for private lessons. To learn more about Bayview Village Tennis Camp, visit the company’s web site at or contact Bayview Village Tennis Camp at 905-889-7293.

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Peter Nielsen

Peter Nielsen, a certified O.T.A Level III coach, has successfully worked with juniors at all levels of the game, from grass roots to the international level. A National Senior Champion himself, Peter was employed as a National Coach by Tennis Canada, as the Head Coach of the Central Region High Performance Program. Peter currently ranks 321st in the world for Men 50 and over.