8 Things You Need to Know About Kids’ Tennis

kids’ summer tennis campWith the popularity of Canadian tennis superstars like Milos Raonic and Eugenie Bouchard, there has been a renewed interest in tennis amongst Canadian kids. This has led to more and more parents looking for a kids’ summer tennis camp.

There tends to be no cut-off age for signing your child up, at least in regards to kids’ tennis camps in Toronto. Group classes are usually an excellent way to start, and as the child progresses, they can move onto individual lessons. Learning tennis at an early age will give them good technique, and it can take as little as one year for your child to become a strong tennis player!

Plus, playing tennis doesn’t have to happen during the summer! There are many indoor courts around the GTA where kids can practice their technique and keep up on their lessons year-round.

But before you sign your child up for a kids’ summer tennis camp, here are a few tips to follow:

Watch Matches First

Begin by sitting down with your child and watching tennis matches. Playing tennis video games is another excellent way to prepare them for tennis lessons, especially games for the Nintendo Wii, since many involve the actual motions; you can even purchase an attachment for the “Wiimote” that looks like a tennis racket!

Make It Fun

A quality tennis camp will do everything they can to make the activity fun for your kids, while giving them a chance to try something new and make friends as they develop their skills.

Find the Right Gear

Learning to play tennis requires several specialized pieces of gear, such as training balls that are slightly larger and bounce higher than standard tennis balls, and a properly sized racket. The instructors at a kids’ summer tennis camp can advise you on the best size for your child’s age, as can the staff of a sporting goods store.

When it comes to footwear, non-marking, non-running shoes are the best for the sudden stops and movements involved in paying tennis.

Make It a Family Activity

Even after your child’s tennis lessons are over, make going to a court instead of watching TV a family outing. It’ll help to maintain your child’s skills, and it will give everyone a chance to exercise.

Practice Drills

Kids’ tennis camps in Toronto advise parents to have their children maintain their skills between lessons with practice drills. Have your child bump the ball or bounce it on the floor, back patio, or driveway to maintain and improve hand–eye coordination.

Wear the Right Clothes

Your child should wear loose-fitting clothing that will allow them to move freely, such as short-sleeved shirts, shorts, and warm-up pants, as well as tennis skirts for girls.

Learn Life Skills

Tennis isn’t just good for exercise and developing athletic ability; it also helps your child to learn a variety of skills, including focus, good sportsmanship, respecting other players and opponents, and dealing with losses and other disappointments.

Build Skills

A kids’ summer tennis camp will help your child to build up their skills, leading to praise as their abilities grow–and a confidence boost as a result.

At Bayview Village Tennis Camp, we will teach your child all the skills they need at our kids’ tennis camp in Toronto. Spaces are limited, so register today!

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Peter Nielsen

Peter Nielsen, a certified O.T.A Level III coach, has successfully worked with juniors at all levels of the game, from grass roots to the international level. A National Senior Champion himself, Peter was employed as a National Coach by Tennis Canada, as the Head Coach of the Central Region High Performance Program. Peter currently ranks 321st in the world for Men 50 and over.